Rodrigo Toscano - Five Poems

Blank Pad

Just lines
Landing on lines
With whatever

What comes next 
(Guess this comes next)
Is what came next

But about North Korea
And the Glacier Breaks
And the T-Man and P-Man

Just lines
Incandescent lamps
In deep sea wreckage

Darkness on darkness
A clamorous silence
Freakazoid creatures

No literary trove here
No metaphors, no metonyms 
No jingling career trinkets

What comes next? 
A fuller pad
Fuller than before

But about Real Talks
And Real Solutions
And Stick-Throwing Apes

The pad is five by ten 
With - let's count: fifty pages
Forty-nine blank, alright.

Gas powered blower

All that went into it
Its separate components 
The human work involved 

How the thing works 
Each and every time
As designed to

All of those folks assembled
Standing in a ring
Two hundred? Several thousand?

I wanna see them all
Right now, as they are
As I prime the starter ten times

The roar and howl is a chorus
With me at the center
Purpose being multifold and fluid

Lawn Mower

Strange trail of cut grass 
Lawn chair propped up next to fence
Mower tarp flapping, empty

Now the spikes go up
Now the cameras are firing up
No, not getting a gun

This is trying 
This is too routine
This requires effective procedures

Hope the mower's broke
Wish the re-sale owner the best?
No, not getting a gun

Now the lawn's poppin' up
Big party around the corner
This requires effective procedures

Strange trail of cut grass 
Strange bag of feelings
And still - no, but thanks

Security Cams

Left/right corridors monitored
Front flanks covered 
Back area secured

There, all three perimeters
Viewed continuously 
By feats of engineering

Things that can't be easily tracked:
Sudden puffs of malevolent smoke
Meandering miasmas of filth

What kind of equipment
Can be deployed for vying ideologies
Gliding in through walls and floors?

Course I don't believe in specters
Consumer solutions to
Primate Clusterfucks

Crammed Pad

Trade war with China looming
My front door ringer's on the fritz

Call your senator first thing in the morning
An idea to get something fixed

I just found - just now - awesome
A solution to this crooked table

North Korea can't help this drooping hibiscus
Syria knocking at my door - just poetry (for now)

Iraq sitting up all night in some other's bedroom
GFC circuit, reset properly, often works

Damn griddle not supposed to rust like this 
Mexico Mexico Mexico - Russia!

You oughtta - or I oughtta - or someone oughtta
Wait, somebody's answering - for real, "hey" 

Karolinn FiscalettiIssue 1