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Last year, Andrew Houwen and Chikako Nihei brought us the first English-language collection of Tarō Naka’s poetry: Music. True to its name, the collection centers on rhythm, tonality, and sonic meaning. Come for Naka’s poems, stay for his statement on poetics. Also, check out Old Pal contributor Darcie Dennigan’s new collection, The Parking Lot — museums, missing children, feral animals, all the gorgeous surreal you’d want.


I was delighted to read Lilli Carre’s Heads or Tails on a cold, grey afternoon when the grief of the day had me particularly exhausted. Carre’s gorgeous and charming graphic short fiction explores themes of disorientation, alternative realities and “extreme ambivalence” in this darkly funny collection. A perfect comfort food for the perpetually uncomfortable.


Floating In The Space Between by Terrance Hayes; Moby Dick by Herman Melville; Heavy by Kiese Laymon; Lana Turner Journal; the poetry of Charles Olson (Maximus Poems or The Distances); The Master Letters or Stay, Illusion by Lucie Brock-Broido; the work of photographer/artist Moyra Davey and Commune Magazine.  Also: Victoria beer, all the bananas & Tony's Chocolate :)


Novel: Beloved by Toni Morrison; Music: EAST/WEST by The Sea & The Mother (a two-EP album and companion to Dao Strom's memoir, We Were Meant To Be a Gentle People); Performance: There Are Sharks in This Poem Live by Douglas Kearney, which doesn't appear purchasable online, so, check out his other work published by Fence.

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