Old Pal

An Old Pal, in rain or in the breeze of fans, with strangers or friends, among sunflowers and the gray statues of dogs, has accidents or encounters or alterations or catastrophes — whatever is in the art and the poems that is voice, head, heart, or experiment. Modern love. The berms of a street. Nine o’clock cranberries. A wooden chair.



Alex Dannemiller

was born in Cincinnati, OH. His writing appears in Literary Orphans and Propeller. He obtained an MFA from Portland State University, and an MA from Ohio University. He currently teaches writing in Portland, OR, where he survives with seventeen plants.

Ryan Mills

attended Manzanita Elementary School in Tucson, AZ & the MFA in Creative Writing at Portland State University. Ryan has had poems published in 1001 Journal, Gramma Weekly, Heavy Feather Review, etc. & is a Letter Carrier for the United States Postal Service in Portland, OR.

Karolinn Fiscaletti

was born in new york and raised in nebraska. her poems & reviews have been published in Lana Turner, The Gravity of the Thing, fourteen hills, the Hong Kong Review of Books, & elsewhere. she lives & teaches in Portland, OR.